The Firm offers qualified judicial and extrajudicial assistance in separations and divorces, favouring assisted negotiation, a modern tool to solve clients’ problems in a rapid and more cost-efficient manner.

In particular, the following issues are dealt with:

  • personal separations, divorces and changes in the conditions tied to them;
  • child custody and maintenance of minor children;
  • termination of child support;
  • abuse, stalking and domestic violence;
  • agreements related to personal and property relations between spouses and cohabitants;
  • management and division of companies and family businesses between spouses and cohabitants;
  • partition of community property and judicial separation of the same;
  • judicial declaration of paternity and paternity refusal;
  • agreements related to the donation of assets to spouses, cohabitants, children or third parties;
  • appointment of administrators to support and manage the assets of supported persons;
  • compensation for biological, moral and existential damage, consequent to the responsibility of parents, spouses, family members or cohabitants;
  • suspension and forfeiture of parental responsibility procedures;
  • requests for authorization from the tutelary judge for acceptance of damage compensations, asset donations in favour of minors, sum reinvestments and transfer of minors’ assets.

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