The Gasparinetti & Giorgi Firm manages all the problems related to inheritance issues and hereditary claims also with the support of specialized technicians for real estate estimates and for the drafting of partition projects between co-owners.

Both judicial and extrajudicial assistance is given, favouring mediations and assisted negotiations, modern tools useful to quickly solve clients’ problems, avoiding the costs and long deadlines of Courts.

In particular, the following issues are managed:

  • drafting of wills, including so-called “biological wills”;
  • determination of heirs and reserved shares;
  • oppositions against wills due to defects in form or violation of reserved shares;
  • successions in absence of wills;
  • acceptance with benefit of inventory and waiver of successions;
  • succession partition, accounting, enjoyment and possession of inherited assets;
  • usucapio of inherited assets;
  • accounting;
  • pre-emptive rights on inherited assets;
  • international inheritance procedures.

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