Asbestos, widely used in the recent past in construction and industry, is a highly carcinogenic material, which causes the onset of diseases such as asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer.

The Gasparinetti & Giorgi Firm carries out all the activities necessary to obtain compensation for any damage caused by asbestos. The Firm has achieved a specialization in the reconstruction of work environments, causal links between this and asbestos-related diseases and in the quantification of the damage caused by illnesses to workers to and to their family members

To carry out the practice, the Firm cooperates with a team of forensic doctors and specialized engineers, ensuring constant and qualified personalized assistance.

In particular, the following issues are managed:

  • biological damage of workers due to temporary disability and permanent disability;
  • moral damage;
  • terminal damage;
  • financial loss;
  • damage to relatives of deceased workers due to loss of parental relationships.

The payment of the fee will take place only once compensation has been received.

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